Beginners phone photography course for your SmartPhone, for both iPhones & Android phones.

This short session with a small group is ideal to get you started using your phone and you'll be amazed with the quality of pictures that you can take.  
Learn a handful of uncomplicated techniques to enhance your images, whether for Social Media, Instagram, personal enjoyment or memories.

Explore the art of photography by experimenting with black and white shots, vibrant colours and unleash your creativity to expand your photographic skills.

Master the use of natural lighting, shadows, the flash and even HDR for a comprehensive understanding of your smartphone's camera capabilities. Berkhamsted provides numerous captivating locations to practice your newfound skills, including historic buildings, cobbled back alleys and lively street scenes, elevating the artistry of your photography.

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Date: 20th January 2024  -  Fully Booked

Date: 13th April 2024  -  Fully Booked    

0920  Meet by St Peter's Church
0930  Phone Controls
1000  Natural Light
1020  Shapes and Form
1045  People
1110  Basic Editing
1130  End

St Peter's Church, Church Lane, Berkhamsted, HP4 2AX

Areas Covered:
Composition, Exposure, HDR, Flash, Black & white and filters, Adjusting Settings, Light and Shadows.

Walking distance:  500m, flat.

Equipment:  Phone with a camera.

Cards & Batteries:  Fully charged battery.

Group size max:    6